You suddenly called to say that you would come to my house. On the phone, you said lightly: "listen to your uncle, Gongyi has a hospital to treat leg pain. I want to have a look. Go to your place first, then take a bus. Don't worry, I'll go myself... " Your leg hurts. It's been a long time. In fact, your whole body aches. Although you never say it, I accidentally see that your legs are covered with painkillers and so are your waist. You have a quick temper. When you are young, you work hard. When you are old, you have a lot of problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and bad heart. You also have many common diseases in the elderly. The strong and strong body in youth is like the fruit dried by the wind, leaving only a pair of empty shelves and weak. The next day, you came before I got up. When I opened the door, I saw you squatting at the door, rubbing your hands on your knees. Your brows are locked and your face is covered with sweat. I complain that you shouldn't go to see a doctor in this way, but you say it's nothing serious. You don't agree with me to accompany you to the hospital. "You are so busy. You have to stay up late at night. It's not good for your health..." Your stubbornness annoys me. In the middle of the argument, the phone rings, hangs up, but you are gone. I ran out in a hurry. You didn't go far. You walked so slowly, hunched over, holding your knee with one hand, and moving forward step by step.